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Homocysteine HCY, a non-protein-amino acid with the formula HSCH2CH2CHCNH2CO2H, is ahomologueof the amino acidcysteine, ......

Thu, 29 Sep, 2016


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  • Abstract It is widely accepted that the pathophysiological mechanism of severe acute panc......

    by F Zhang, J Fei, B Zhao, et al.
  • In this study, we compared four decellularization protocols and finally developed an optimized one t......

    by Bin Yang, Yifen Zhang, Liuhua Zhou, Zeyu Sun,Junhua Zheng, Yun Chen, and Yutian Dai,
  • Abstract Aimshypothesis The hormone betatrophin was recently described as a potent stimulator of......

    by Daniel Espes, Joey Lau, Per-Ola Carlsson
  • Abstract The present experiment aimed to evaluate the effect of HMBi on the production performance ......

    by K. Xia,W. B. Xi,Z. B. Wang,Y. Wang and Y. G. Zhang
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