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diabetes drug metformin inhibition of pa......

Recently, the Massachusetts general hospital MGH researchers found that "diabetes drug metformin inhibition of pancreati......

Sun, 21 Aug, 2016


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  • Abstract Although intraislet insulin signaling is known to play a critical role in regulating gluca......

    by S He, D Wang, Y Lu, et al.
  • ABSTRACT Catecholamines are pivotal signal molecules in the neuroendocrine-immune regulatory networ......

    by Zhi Zhou, Lingling Wang, Xiaowei Shi, Huan Zhang, Yang Gao, Mengqiang Wang, Pengfei Kong, Limei Qiu, Linsheng Song
  • Daily rhythms of the expression of genes from the somatotropic axis: The influence on tilapia Oreoch......

    by Costa L S, Rosa P V, Fortes-Silva R, et al.
  • Abstract House dust mite HDM is one of the most common allergens worldwide. In this study, we have ......

    by MAM Willart, K Deswarte, P Pouliot, H Braun, R Beyaert, BN Lambrecht, H Hammad
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