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Gene name Organism Protein name Available products Remark Cat..
Ccl4 (Mip1b,Scya4) Mouse C-C motif chemokine 4 0093m
CCL4 (MIP1B,SCY4A) Pig C-C motif chemokine 4 0093p
CCL4 (SCYA4) Rabbit C-C motif chemokine 4
Ccl4 (Mip1b,Scya4) Rat C-C motif chemokine 4 0093r
CXCL2 (GRO2,GROB,MIP2A,SCYB2) Human C-X-C motif chemokine 2 0094h
Cxcl2 (Mip-2,Mip2,Scyb2) Mouse C-X-C motif chemokine 2 0094m
Cxcl2 (Cinc3,Mip-2,Mip2,Scyb2) Rat C-X-C motif chemokine 2 0094r
CCL20 (MIP3A,SCYA20) Bovine C-C motif chemokine 20 0095b
CCL20 (LARC,MIP3A,SCYA20) Human C-C motif chemokine 20 0095h
Ccl20 (Larc,Scya20) Mouse C-C motif chemokine 20 0095m
Ccl20 (Scya20,St38) Rat C-C motif chemokine 20 0095r
CCL19 (ELC,MIP3B,SCYA19) Human C-C motif chemokine 19 0096h
Ccl19 (Elc,Scya19) Mouse C-C motif chemokine 19 0096m
MMP1 (CLG) Bovine Interstitial collagenase 0097b
MMP1 (CLG) Human Interstitial collagenase 0097h
MMP1 Pig Interstitial collagenase 0097p
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