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HIF 1 - alpha HIF1A human protein-coding genes

Posted by thomas on 2015-11-15 04:28:19

Also known as HIF - 1 - alpha, HIF 1 - alpha HIF1A human protein-coding genes. Two alternative transcripts encoding  different subtypes were confirmed. HIF1 heterodimeric basic helix - loop - helix structure composed of Hif1a, alpha subunit (protein), and aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear transport protein (Arnt), beta subunits.

Encoding protein HIF1 bHLH - PAS transcription factors exist in mammalian cells in low oxygen concentration.It plays an important role in cell, the system's response to hypoxia. this is a kind of oxygen induced factor, a family, including Hif1a, Hif2a and Hif3a

The transcription factor induced by hypoxia HIF1 activate autophagy, alienation of the pathways involved in maintaining cellular homeostasis. The research results show that HIF1A, all kinds of stimulation, is an important intermediary EDN2 mRNA expression.Results may explain HIF1A - dependent gene levels (EDN2 and VEGF) in developing CL.

The rich HIF-1alpha (its subsequent activities) is regulated transcriptionally in an NF-κB-dependent manner. In addition, coordinate activities of the prolyl hydroxylase to keep the right balance of HIF - 1 alpha stage after protein translation.

Worms conspire with gut microbes

Posted by thomas on 2015-11-15 04:26:50

Worms conspire with gut microbes


Intestinal worms manipulate their host’s immune system to ensure their survival,in part by changing the metabolism of the host’s gut microbiome.

     The worms,calledhelminths,infect around 2 billion people around the world,and are able to block harmful inflammatory responses in humans and mice .Nicola Harris at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and her colleagues studied mice infected with the helminth Heligmosomoides polygyrus bakeri,and found that mice that had been treated with antibiotics to kill gut bacteria before being exposed to the worms had more allergic airway inflammation than did untreated,worm-fected animals.Worm infection caused the microbiota to produce increased levels of short-chain fatty acids in mice,pigs and six out of eight human volunteers.The anti-inflammatory effects of worm infection were lost in mice that had been engineered to lack a receptor for the fatty acids.

The findings suggest that helminths and gut microbes have evolved this mechanism to regulate the host immune system over many millions of years,the authors say.


EIAab newly printed product list

Posted by thomas on 2015-10-30 00:37:25

                                                              EIAab newly printed product list for 2016-2017

Product Customization Service

Posted by star on 2015-09-24 00:02:27

Could not find the product you are looking for in our website? Please do not worry! We provide product customization service according to your needs.Product Customization Service

Select the appropriate stage customizable service (above image). We validate at every step to fulfill special needs of researchers.

We provided the service for some of our customers and got a very good feedback. 

For example, one of our customer needs C1QBP antibody for WB.  He just needs to provide us the details for the targeted antigen and our R&D Department develops the required antibody in 3 months.


On demand but unavailable ELISA kits are subject to special development as well. We design the AA peptide according to your needs and carry it through a prokaryotic expression system. Then we get the antibody and verify it by SDS-PAGE, WB or Immunochemistry. Only the verified antibody will be developed in ELISA Kits. Before shipment, all the Kits are submitted to samples testing and only qualified products will be sent to the customer along with all the data sheet.

We do the research for you!

Congratulations to EIAAB listing on the 'Technology board' !

Posted by leecky on 2015-04-23 03:33:17

     April 16, 2015 at 10:00AM, EIAAB is in the first batch of companies listing in "Technology board" Wuhan. It means EIAAB has taken a substantial step to the capital market! 
  In the morning of April 16, the grand opening ceremony for Technology board of Wuhan Equity Exchange was held in the Optics Valley capital building. Vice governor, Guo Shenglian & Cao Guangjing, and heads of the provincial finance office, science and technology department are present at the ceremony, and ring Technology board opening bell in Celebration. With the bell ringing in trading hall, the first batch of 87 high-tech enterprises from Optics Valley and Yichang City are listed in Technology board of Wuhan Equity Exchange.


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