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Aquaporin-1 is a widely expressed water channel, whose physiological function has been most thoroughly characterized in the kidney.It forms a water-specific channel that provides the plasma membranes of red cells and kidney proximal tubules with high permeability to water, thereby permitting water to move in the direction of an osmotic gradient.

It is found in a number of tissues including erythrocytes, renal tubules, retinal pigment epithelium, heart, lung, skeletal muscle, kidney and pancreas.

Aquaporin-1 is assotiate multiple tumor angiogenesis and metastasis, for example , the protein level is up-regualaion in breaste cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer.

Many diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and some neurological diseases are due to membrane function disorder . scientists research cell membrane channel which could look for specific reasons to develope appropriate drugs.

Aquaporins are a family of small integral membrane proteins related to the major intrinsic protein.

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