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An immune clock of human pregnancy
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      The research was defined the precise timing of changes in immune function and regulation during pregnancy, which was published at Sep. 1th on Science.

      During pregnancy, the maternal immune system must balance two parts, tolerating the fetal allograft and preserving immune mechanisms for self-protection. Otherwise, the dysregulation of immunological mechanisms in pregnancy is increasingly implicated in the pathogenesis of preterm birth and other pregnancy-related complications. Hence, whether there is a chronology of precisely timed immune adaptations that associated with pathologies of gestation during pregnancy, such as preterm birth?


Fig.1 The pregnant woman

      For solving the problem, the scientists combined the high-parameter functional profiling of peripheral immune cells with a previously unknown cell signaling–based Elastic Net (csEN) algorithm to predict the model of interrelated immune characters, which could accurately indicate the timing of immunological adaptations during the whole period of pregnancy.


Fig.2 A prospectively validated csEN model accurately predicts dynamic changes of the maternal immune system over the course of pregnancy



Fig.3 csEN components reveal precisely timed cellular programs that characterize the dynamic changes of the peripheral immune system over the course of pregnancy

      The results were shown that csEN predicted the dynamic changes of the maternal immune system over the course of pregnancy and revealed broader cellular programs of pregnancy-induced immune adaptations. Notably, the analysis also enabled intriguing the discovery of endogenous T cell function, such as intracellular pSTAT5ab signal providing an integrated readout of T cell responses to the systemic environment.

      The study revealed a precisely timed chronology of immune adaptations in peripheral blood over the course of a term pregnancy, provided the basic to judge whether disruption of this chronology was a diagnostically useful characteristic of preterm birth and other pregnancy-related pathologies.



N Aghaeepour, EA Ganio, D Mcilwain, et al. An immune clock of human pregnancy. Science Immunology, 2017, 2(15): eaan2946.




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