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Method: Baseline serum AFABP levels were measured in 1136
Chinese type 2 diabetic subjects recruited from the Hong
Kong West Diabetes Registry. Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
progression was defined as a drop in estimated glomerular
filtration rate (eGFR) category accompanied by a 25% or greater
drop in eGFR from baseline. The role of AFABP in predicting
CKD progression over a median follow-up of 4 years was
analyzed using Cox regression analysis.
Result: At baseline, serum AFABP levels increased progressively with CKD staging (p for trend <0.001). Amongst 1071
subjects with baseline CKD stage 3 or less, 171 subjects (16.0%)
had CKD progression after a median follow up of 4 years.
Subjects with CKD progression were older (p
< 0.001), with
longer duration of diabetes (p = 0.001) and higher baseline
HbA1c levels (p = 0.008), more of them being hypertensive
< 0.001) and on anti-hypertensive medications including
ACEI or ARB (p
< 0.001), lower baseline eGFR (p < 0.001), higher
C-reactive protein (p
< 0.001) and higher serum triglyceride
levels (p
< 0.001) than those without CKD progression. Serum
AFABP levels were significantly higher in those with CKD
progression during follow-up than those without progression
< 0.001). Baseline sex-adjusted serum AFABP levels were
higher in subjects with CKD progression (10.9
mg/L [IQR 6.76–
17.2] vs 7.00
mg/L [IQR 4.41–11.6] in male and 17.2 mg/L [IQR
11.1–28.0] vs 12.4
mg/L [IQR 7.94–21.9] in female; p < 0.001]).
On multivariable Cox regression analysis including also other
biologically relevant variables, baseline serum AFABP level
was independently associated with CKD progression (Hazard
ratio 1.52; 95% CI = 1.18–1.96; p
< 0.001), together with sex,
age, body mass index, smoking status, duration of diabetes,
HbA1c, systolic blood pressure, the use of ACEI/ARB and
C-reactive protein level at baseline.
Conclusion: Elevated baseline serum AFABP level appears
to be a useful biomarker for predicting kidney diseas

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