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Preparation of the Standard

Posted by star on 2015-03-22 20:13:29

1.Preparation of Standard

Prepare standard is a very difficult and complicated step during the labeled immunoassays. Following are talking about how to produce standard for laboratory and business.

  Matrix Preparation. Matrix of the standard should be as same as tested sample. The serum without under-test materials should be used for produce some standards which can determine specific substance in serum. This can supply a suitable medium environment for reaction. Because zero-serum is difficult to made, some suitable buffer can be use for standards’ production. Adding carrier protein (usually is 1%~2% Albumin Bovine) in buffer to make the medium environment similar with the sample.

  Methods for zero-serum production

  1. Adsorption: Using carbon to remove some small molecules in serum, such as T3, T4. Although the process is very simple, clear of tested materials absolutely is difficult. Furthermore, macromolecular substances cannot be made by this way.
  2. Repeated freeze-thaw method: Low-value serum can be chosen for macromolecular substances production. Repeated freeze-thaw can make the materials inactive. This method can lead some protein hormone out of activity. But is still difficult to get the real zero-serum.

  Affinity chromatography

Use specific antibody to produce Affinity Column. This can absorb tested antigen. This method can get a high quality zero-serum but it’s complicated and need a high cost.

  How to choose pure standards. The standards should choose the materials with high CP and immune pure. The immune pure is more important than CP. The material which has cross-reactive with tested materials should not be included in standard.

  Produce Standards

Produce high concentrated standards by using zero-serum. According to the laboratory’s requirement, produce series standards which composed by differe......

a patent of invention---EIAAB---10/2/2015

Posted by leecky on 2015-02-10 23:27:03

EIAab apply for certification of high-tech enterprises

Posted by leecky on 2015-01-26 23:51:35


International Exhibition in shanghai---EIAab

Posted by leecky on 2014-12-07 23:42:33

International Exhibition in shanghai---EIAab


Posted by wangc on 2014-10-08 23:52:16


Betatrophin, specifically expressed in liver and adipose tissue, is a 198-AA protein that considered as the active component for the treatment of diabetes presently.


The gene was found and submitted to the GeneBank database in 2004. It’s also called hepatocellular carcinoma-associated TD 26, for it is related to the occurrence and progress of hepatocellular carcinoma.


It is also as known as lipasin, angiopoietin-like protein 8, C19orf80 (human), refeeding-induced fat and liver protein, Gm6484 (mouse), which is a novel nutritionally regulated liver-enriched factor, plays a vital role in adipocyte function and/or regulating lipid metabolism. However, it’s not a direct inhibition of lipoprotein lipase activity, but activated ANGPTL3 by promoting hepatocyte ANGPTL3 cracking to regulate blood lipid. 


Betatrophin can obviously promote pancreatic β cell proliferation and did not induce insulin resistance. In type 2 diabetic patients, betatrophin levels are increased when compared to age, gender, and BMI (Body mass index) matched controls with similar degree of insulin resistance, and show positively correlated glucose and insulin levels.


Wuhan EIAab Science Co.,Ltd is strong in technology, product, dedicated to provide quality and reliable for all users of products. The Betatrophin ELISA Kit for human (Cat No.E11644h) and mouse (Cat No.E11644m) can be used to detect the target protein level in samples with high sensitivity and specificity. A lot of these kits have been sold, and been the vast number of customer recognition and praise, the citations may be the best proof ( Moreover, the human Betatrophin ELISA Kit has also been validated by the third party (http://www.eiaa......

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