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AQB QG(汉14)2014000008

Posted by thomas on 2016-03-18 01:04:03

Wuhan East Lake Enterprises Credit Promotion Association

Posted by thomas on 2016-03-18 00:53:58




Posted by thomas on 2016-03-07 00:56:20


From March 2016, average price of ELISA kits from EIAAB down by 20%. We will go ahead with more favorable prices, better quality to meet new challenges.

Price down

The new prices are for the worldwide markets, we will keep improving our standard of service to meet the requirements of more and more customers.Feel free to contact us for distributorship of new market.


Posted by thomas on 2015-12-03 23:30:17

Chemotherapy can cause tumor evolution

Russian scientists have found that neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer can stimulate evolution of the tumor. The results of the research conducted by Nicholay Litvyakov, D.Sc. at Cancer Research Institute, Head of the Tumor Virology Laboratory, and TSU researcher Marina Ibragimova, were published in Siberian Journal of Oncology.

Scientists conducted a study in which they analyzed biopsies of breast cancer patients preparing for operation. In each biopsy, researchers examined the genetic landscape for chromosomal abnormalities.

Before the operation, the women received two to four courses of neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC). Repeated analyses were taken after surgery to see the therapy effect on the tumor.

TSU scientists have found that chemotherapy fully or partially destroyed the tumor clones in the majority of patients, but 23 percent of women surveyed showed new tumor formation under the influence of NHT. Some chromosomes or partial chromosomes doubled in these clones, and the tumor cells became more resistant. This phenomenon is called amplification, and is a negative consequence of chemotherapy—almost all of these patients developed metastases, while the remaining patients had no metastases in the five-year period of observation.

The researchers concluded that under the influence of chemotherapy, it is possible to stimulate the evolution of a resistant tumor that does not respond to the effects of chemotherapy.

"We have preliminary results indicating that chemotherapy may cause the appearance of mutations which had not been observed before in the form of amplifications of chromosomal regions. In some cases it was a reason for occurrence of hematogenous metastasis," says Ibragimova. "We should find out the causes and methods for anticipating tu......


Posted by thomas on 2015-12-03 21:52:30

TP53一inducedglycolysis and apoptosis regulator gene,TIGAR

is p53 target genes regulating mitochondrial respiration and through a series of pathways mediated differentiation of tumor cells, is closely related to the development of a variety of solid tumors.

 TIGAR high expression enhanced the role of pentose phosphate pathway, NADPH increased , inhibitioned apoptosis , which conducived to tumor cell growth. TIGAR is described as a new protein can be induced by P53 regulating glycolysis and antioxidant effects。Because TIGAR as P53-dependent survival signals, is the cells DNA must which obtained opportunity repair process, therefore TIGA R has become the recent focus。TIGAR has two sides in solid tumors, on the one hand, TIGAR is activated to slow the life processes of all cells for repairing of damaged cells provides a time guarantee; on the other hand , the activated of TIGAR which originally to prevent further damage to the cells of the body can also lead role cancerous . All those make the TIGAR as a potential therapeutic target becomes possible.

Wuhan EIAab Science Co.,Ltd is strong in technology, product, dedicated to provide quality and reliable for all users of products. The TIGAR ELISA Kit for human (Cat No.E5948h) is high sensitivity and specificity.


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