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Posted by star on 2016-11-13 21:46:32

ECTO-NOX family comprise NAD(P)H oxidases of plants and animals exhibiting both oxidative and protein disulfide isomerase-like activities. it is named because of their cell surface location.

The two biochemical activities, hydroquinone [NAD(P)H] oxidation and protein disulfide–thiol interchange alternate, a property unprecedented in the biochemical literature.

At least two forms of ECTO-NOX activities have been distinguished on the basis of response to ormones, growth factors, capsaicin (8-methyl-Nvanillyl-6-noneamide), and certain other quinone-site inhibitors or potential quinone-site inhibitors with anticancer activity.

A tumor-associated ECTO-NOX (tNOX) is cancer-specific and drug-responsive. The constitutive ECTO-NOX (CNOX) is ubiquitous and refractory to drugs. The physiological substrate for the oxidative activity appears to be hydroquinones of the plasma membrane such as reduced coenzyme Q10. ECTO-NOX proteins are growth-related and drive cell enlargement.

CNOX proteins are widely distributed and exhibit activity oscillations with period lengths of 24 min. tNOX proteins are cancer specific and exhibit oscillations with period lengths of about 22 min, shorter than those of CNOX.

tNOX is found in the sera of cancer patients with a wide variety of cancers including breast, prostate, lung and ovarian cancers, leukemias, and lymphomas. But not found in the serum of healthy volunteers or patients with disorders other than cancer. 


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ASC has contrary functions in tumor genesis

Posted by star on 2016-10-12 18:24:12

Apoptosis-associated Speck-like protein containing a CARD (ASC) is an adaptor protein encoded by the PYCARD gene. ASC was originally named because it triggered apoptosis in certain tumors. It contains two protein–protein interaction domains: a pyrin domain (PYD) at N-terminal and a caspase recruitment domain (CARD) at C-terminal.

ASC increases mitochondrial permeability, as well as cytochrome c release, resulting in activation of cell apoptosis initiator caspase-9 and apoptosis executioner caspase-3.

As an important mediate protein of inflammasome, ASC is highly expressed in immune cells, especially in neutrophils and monocytes.  

ASC acts as a tumor suppressor gene in certain tumor cell lines such as promyelocytic leukemia HL-60. However, in melanoma, its role is more complicated. ASC switch from an anti-tumor factor in primary melanoma to a pro-tumorigenic factor in metastatic melanoma. It inhibits NF-κB activity in primary melanoma, whereas in metastatic melanoma, it enhances NF-κB activity. The influence of ASC on NF-κB is either suppressive or active depends on the cellular context. As a consequence, it plays stage-dependent dual roles in human melanoma tumorigenesis.

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Liu W, Luo Y, Dunn J H, et al. Dual role of apoptosis-associated speck-like protein containing a CARD (ASC) in tumorigenesis of human melanoma.[J]. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 2013, 133(2):518-27.

Masumoto J; Taniguchi S; Ayukawa K; Sarvotham H; Kishino T; Niikawa N; Hidaka E; Katsuyama T; Higuchi T; Sagara J. ASC......

C-reactive protein (CRP)

Posted by star on 2016-10-08 01:08:17

C-reactive protein (CRP) is an acute phase protein that synthesized by liver cells in inflammatory response to invasion or tissue damage.

CRP was found in 1930 by Tillet and Francis. Initially, they observed that some acute patients’ serum could react with streptococcus pneumoniae capsular polysaccharide. CRP was later confirmed to be a kind of protein that can react with C-polysaccharide substance. Thus it was named C-reactive protein.

CRP is a part of the body's non-specific immune mechanism, and used mainly as a marker of inflammation. CRP can bind to the phosphocholine on micro-organisms, and assist complement to bind to foreign pathogen, enhancing phagocytosis by macrophages as a consequence.

The main biological function of CRP is activating complement and mononuclear phagocyte system via binding with ligand such as dead cell, or phosphoryl choline form invasive bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Pathological substance and pathogen can be eliminated in this way. In this procedure, first, foreign substance is identified and activating the complement system. Second, tonal effect and phagocytosis function is enhanced. Third, phagocytic cells and platelet activating factor (RAF) reduce the inflammatory response. At last, the necrotic tissue was removed.

In inflammation, the CRP value raise along with the inflammation progress and reach a plateau at 48h. Then the lesions subside with the recovery of organization, structure and function. This reaction is not affected by radiotherapy, chemotherapy or corticosteroids. As a result, the detection of CRP in clinic application is quite widespread, including acute infectious disease, infection after the operation of the monitoring diagnosis and differential diagnosis, antibiotic curative effect observation, disease detection and prognosis course, etc.

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Posted by star on 2016-09-29 00:11:58

Homocysteine (HCY), a non-protein α-amino acid with the formula HSCH2CH2CHC(NH2)CO2H, is a homologue of the amino acid cysteine, differing by an additional methylene bridge (-CH2-). It can be recycled into methionine or converted into cysteine with the aid of certain B-vitamins. HCY is not only obtained from the diet, but also biosynthesized from methionine via a multi-step process.

The normal value of HCY is 5.0-13.9μmol/L in population. High serum concentration of HCY more than 15µmol/L is termed hyperhomocysteinemia (HHCY), which is an independent risk factor for several disorders including cardiovascular diseases, stroke and osteoporotic fractures. Lack of vitamins such as folate, pyridoxine (B6) or cobalt amine (B12) will lead HCY levels rise, which is a result of biochemical reactions. Supplementary pyridoxine, folic acid, cobalt amine or trimethyl glycine will decrease concentration of HCY in the blood.

Cardiovascular disease is a responsible for 40-50% of all deaths in patients with chronic kidney disease. The kidney is the main organ where HCY is removed and further metabolized. Elevated mean serum HCY level is associated with an accelerated decline in renal function. Also, it is an independent risk factor for the development of chronic kidney disease in the general population.

The HCY levels in the body is called H (H Score), H value can predict the risk of a heart attack or stroke, as well as the risk of Alzheimer's disease more accurately when compared with gene screen. HCY levels are typically higher in men than that in women, and increase with ageing.

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Posted by star on 2016-09-05 23:56:55

Testosterone is a steroid hormone of the androgen group. It was first extracted from bull in 1935, and found in mammals, birds, and other vertebrates later on. Testosterone is secreted mainly by testicle or ovary, and adrenal gland also secretes a small amount of testosterone.

 Testosterone could maintain the strength and quality of muscle and the density and strength of bone. It could also give oneself a lift, and enhance physical effects. Testosterone may affect body systems and functions, such as blood formation, calcium homeostasis, bone mineralization, lipid metabolism, glucose metabolism and prostate growth. It is the primary male sex hormone and anabolic hormone. It has an important impact on health, including increasing libido, strength, immune function, and protecting from osteoporosis, either to male or female.

Testosterone could be used in many fields. It regulates acute HPA response under dominance challenge, and the population of thromboxane A2 receptors on megakaryocytes and platelets, which might be the platelet aggregation in human. It is necessary for normal sperm development, and cancer prevention. Recently, researches have shown that there are conflicting results concerning the importance of testosterone in maintaining cardiovascular health. Nevertheless, maintaining normal testosterone levels in elderly men has shown to reduce cardiovascular disease risk.

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